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We offer the highest price for silver, gold, and platinum jewelry. 


While most jewelry buyers buy at scrap prices because they have no need for the precious metals, we are Goldsmiths, and we can use the gold from your old jewelry to recycle and repurpose into new modern styles.


Therefore, we are able to offer higher prices. 


Whether you have one old ring, or a whole estate, contact us to see what your jewelry is worth. 

Don't care for the style of that old ring? 

Is blue not your color. 

Don't make the mistake of selling this for scrap; it could be a very valuable sapphire. 

Our gemologist will identify your stones so we can make an educated and fair offer. 

Certain 'clean' scrap is perfect for casting grain. We will clean and recycle the gold and platinum content which makes for a higher offer for you and a major win for the environment. That's a win win for everyone!